New Paddling Trail in Matagorda

Rat Redfish Caught in East Matagorda Bay

Last week we had a chance to test a new paddling trail in Matagorda. This trail starts out at 3 Mile Lake (also known as Spring Bayou) and ends at the Rawling’s Cut access. The trail can be as short as 3.25 miles or much longer if you choose.

We started our paddle around 8am at the sandy beach on 3 Mile Lake. The winds were blowing around 20-25mph from the southeast, which was perfect for testing this route as the prevailing southeast wind pushes us along for much of our trip with very little into the wind paddling. We spent a few hours paddling around 3 Mile Lake fishing and enjoying the tranquil marsh area. The entrance to 3 Mile from East Bay is pretty shallow so you will rarely see or hear motorboats in this area.

We decided to continue on our route and paddled out of 3 Mile Lake and took a left on the south shoreline of East Matagorda Bay. We found clear green water and a few Redfish hugging the sandy grass shoreline. We paddled down the shore and into condo cove near the mouth of Rawling’s Cut. Condo Cove is mostly sand and hard mud bottom so the water tends be relatively clear and is a great place to take a swim. There is some scattered shell on the bottom so be careful and always do the Texas two step when wading the bays as stingrays are prevalent.

After cooling off in the cove we headed downwind through Rawling’s Cut to our take out site on FM2031. We spent a lot of time paddling against the wind because we just wanted to spend more time out and explore around but this is a great trail to paddle when the wind is howling. You can spend most of the time with the wind to your back or abeam rather than paddling directly into it.

If you are interested in paddling this trail, we offer guided and self-guided tours where we pick you up at Rawling’s Cut and take you down beach to 3 Mile Lake. We can accommodate up to 5 passengers, kayaks and gear. You can find a map of this paddling trail and others here. Contact us for more information.